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Corner of a Roof Gutter


Tips for 5 Inch Gutter


1. Anything over 40 ft should get 2 downspouts.

2. Try to avoid having the main roof downspout fall onto a lower roof.

3. To increase water flow add a bigger 3x4 downspout.

4. Spread out hidden hangers (gutter fastener) every 2 ft or less.

5. Always check fascia wood to ensure gutters will fasten securely.


When You Might Consider Using 6 Inch Gutter


1. Any small sections of a home that gets a massive amount of water 

2. If you have a lot of trees surrounding your home, bigger gutters and downspouts could help eliminate some clogging. (Important note: They do not prevent all clogging but they could help with smaller debris.)

3.When you need long seamless pieces of gutters and only want a few downspouts (For example:  90 ft gutter and only 2 downspouts

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