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4 Tips for Maintaining Home Windows

Besides being an essential functional element of your home, windows also enhance the curb appeal of any house. Proper care is required to maintain the appearance, function, and operation of windows for years to come. Keeping your windows maintained isn’t rocket science. However, some effort might be required to keep them looking flawless. Here are four tips that will help you repair your windows for years to come.

Regular Inspection

Inspecting your windows regularly is the most important and easiest thing to do on this list, so let's begin with it. Checking your windows for any sign of damage or degradation can help you indicate the need for repair or replacement before your window problem starts affecting the rest of your home.

Check the rubber seal holding the window glass for any damage. If you feel the rubber seals are intact but are worn off, get them changed by a professional. Check the latches and locks for rust and proper functionality. A weak or broken window isn’t just a sore sight but can also be a safety hazard. In case you have a wooden window frame, a moisture check is regularly required. Build-up moisture can rot your wooden window.


Window cleaning may not be a priority for you. If this is the case, you may want to reconsider. Debris and dirt build-ups can restrict sunlight from entering your home. This can seriously affect your mental health. Other than affecting your mental well-being, dirt can also cause some serious damages to your window, including wearing off of paint and chipping. Moreover, the longer the dirt is left on your windows, the harder it becomes to clean. Keeping your windows maintained by cleaning them at least once every two weeks can secure you from all these problems.


A hand caulking the seams of windows

It’s wise to inspect the area around your window frames while cleaning windows. Moisture or dirt on the inside of your window means your seals aren't working perfectly regardless of any visible damage that can be seen on them. Pay close attention to any open crevices, cracks, seams, or holes that require being sealed. In the case you find one that’s isolated and very small, fill it up with caulk.

Sealing these openings can save you from more serious problems. Gaps allow moisture in, which can lead to severe issues like mold and mildew growth. In case of a bigger or more complicated opening that is hard to caulk, get professional help.

Track Lubrication

Cleaning and lubricating your window tracks periodically is generally a good practice. This will prevent jammed windows and ensure smooth opening and closing. You can get an all-purpose lubricant from your closest hardware store to serve the purpose. A homemade solution of water and liquid hand wash also works just fine. However, be sure to clean the moving parts of all the dust and debris from a soft cloth or brush before lubrication. Lubricating and cleaning your windows with every changing season can them from seasonal jams.

Knowing these simple hacks can make window cleaning easy. Applying them can extend the life of your beautiful windows. However, windows aren't meant to last forever, no matter how often you clean and maintain them. That’s where we come in. If you are looking for window repair or replacement in Colorado, Granite Peak Roofs can be all you’re looking for. We also provide expert-level roofing installation services. Get in touch to find out more.

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