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5 Types of Windows to Consider For Your Home

Different styles of windows have different advantages and disadvantages. From the amount of ventilation they provide to the shape to the cost factor, there are several things to consider while selecting your window style.

While building or remodeling your house, it is always wise to choose a window style that caters to your functional, lighting, and budgeting needs. Here are five types of windows styles you should consider for your home.

Crank Windows

Also known as casement windows due to their distinctive opening and closing mechanism, crank windows, like doors, swing from a hinge. The strong seal you will find around these windows indicates their weather-tight nature. The swinging mechanism also allows good airflow when you desire. However, you will need to keep the design of your home in mind to ensure that windows match the sides of your home and each other when open. However, window air conditioners aren't ideal for these windows. A couple of other downsides to these windows are the wearing or breaking of mechanical parts. Moreover, they are also prone to severe damage if kept open during extreme weather.

Picture Windows

These windows don’t obstruct the view from the outside as they are unmoving and locked in one place. This can be a real wow factor. However, there is a major drawback with this type. There is no airflow with these windows. With no opening mechanism, these windows are completely weather-tight, and their upkeep is very simple. However, cleaning the outside is a different story. When compared with solid windows, these windows are far less energy-efficient.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a very popular option for lateral window orientations. This window style works much as it sounds, by a section sliding over the other, similar to glass doors. This method allows very good airflow and can provide comparatively good sealing. Sliding windows can be the best choice for basement egress. However, their curb appeal isn’t very great.


A skylight in a white themed washroom and wooden floor

Skylights are a desirable and aesthetically appealing solution to provide natural light to your interior as they are built inside the roof. They can be vented or fixed depending on your choice. Like casement windows, skylights can also support the hinge mechanism. These windows don’t open completely but can provide adequate airflow for a room.

Bay Window

These windows are both aesthetically appealing and functional. These windows are named for the shelf or a bay they create inside. The center window in a typical bay-window arrangement is fixed like a picture window, but the other two windows joined on both lateral sides at an angle can be hinged or casement. The airflow provided by these windows is more than enough. However, the upkeep can be tricky.

It is always wise to involve a professional window contractor when planning an upgrade. Granite Peak Roofs is are window, roof, and construction contractors providing all kinds of window repairs and replacements along with all roofing-related solutions. We have been serving in the Colorado region for years. Feel free to contact us.

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