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Top 5 Most Common Roof Problems

It's common for homeowners to encounter roof-related problems at some point in their lives. From hidden leaks to prominent cracks, your home roof can suffer from several generic ailments that require immediate attention. However, repairing your roofs by yourself isn’t only tricky but can be hazardous as well. It is advisable to call a roofing contractor for any roof-problem problem. To help you figure out any such roof-related problem, we have prepared a list of the five most common roof problems.


A roof leak is probably the most common roof-related issue that homeowners face. Several factors, including a cracked flashing, broken shingle, or even worn tiles, can result in your roof poring down tiny droplets over you. However, it isn’t easy to spot a roof leak until it rains. To avoid your roof from leaking, inspect the following areas:

· Around your chimney

· Under broken or damaged shingles

· Close to flashings

· Around gutters

· Area surrounding skylights

· Near skylights

If you observe signs of leakage like discoloration in the ceiling, worn-off paint, or seepage in places closer to your roof, contact a roofing contractor and get your roof inspected.

Pooled Water

Water pooling on the roof isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Along with hygiene issues, it can lead to some serious future roofing issues like weakening and damping. This is very common in flat roofs. Contacting a roofing contractor to make your roof a little steeper can resolve this issue. Your new tapered surface will keep the water from standing and will allow it to run off into the gutter, leaving your roof healthy and dry.

Holes and Punctures

aerial view of a roof after a rain

Even small things like foot traffic and wild animals can eventually puncture, scrape, or even create visible holes in your roof. Birds like woodpeckers often drill holes in the eaves. Too much load or movement can also affect your roof.

Damaged Gutters

If the gutter system is broken, clogged, or otherwise defective, the water may be backing up into the system.Water seepage can impact the roof’s eaves, leading to rots. By regularly checking your gutters for debris, clogs, and fallen leaves, or broken shingles, you can easily prevent such issues. Installing filters on all the gutter openings and drains can also prevent your gutter system from clogging.

Poor Installation or Maintenance

Choosing nonprofessional and poorly qualified roofing contractors can cost you a lot more money in the long run than hiring pros in the first place. Other than frequent expensive repairs, it can cause some serious safety hazards. Shoddy installation and maintenance remain one of the top reasons for faulty roofs and mold growth.

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