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A leak or a fallen tree branch doesn’t always signal extreme damage. Your fix could be as simple as installing a few new shingles or replacing the flashing. According to a survey of more than 38,000 homeowners, the average roof repair costs about $800. This is much more affordable than the $7,000 average for an entirely new roof. Depending on your issue, you could pay as little as $10 for material.


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Disclaimer: Working on a roof is very dangerous and must be handled with extreme caution. If you are uncomfortable and don’t feel safe, it is always worth it to hire a contractor.


Flashing is the material that protects the crease between fixtures like chimneys or skylights and the roof. It is usually made of sheet metal or plastic. There is also flashing for the venting pipes under your roofing material. If the flashing is cracked, loose or worn, the area around these fixtures will be vulnerable to rain and moisture.

Solution: ($20) Remove and replace with new flashing. Some surrounding materials, such as shingles, will need to be lifted away for removal and installation.


Repair Roof Flashing Services
from Granite Peak Roofs

If your roof has been leaking, the chances are that there are leaks around the metal roof flashing, which protects the roof junctions, valleys, and edges in between the roofing and the obstructions —it could be the vent pipes, dormers, or chimneys.

Get advice from the best roofing and flashing contractors on how to repair roof flashing and solve other roof flashing problems as well. At Granite Peak Roofs, we use a flashband for roof repair, which offers quick and easy application for the newly built or emergency repairs that instantly watertight the seal. Flashbands provide four layers of protection — lacquer coating, heavy-duty aluminum foil, polymer enhanced bitumen adhesive, and tear-resistant polyester membrane. It's impactful and tear-resistant. It can also withstand extreme temperatures and bonds instantly with building materials to fix the roof. Call today for services across the United States.

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